Archive for April 26, 2010

Time is my enemy… maybe.

Ever have one of those lifetimes where you find yourself constantly saying, “Time got away from me. Time got away from me?”

It becomes a chronic condition.

And I’m really tired of suffering from it.

Anyway, what I need to do right now is focus on the show coming up in June. The process is coming together. A worry that we had has been resolved. But, like any show, as soon as one problem gets handled, eight more spring up like weeds.

Speaking of weeds, I need to have a little chat with nature. This whole sudden allergy thing?
Not cool, springtime.



Come on, springtime. We used to be cool together. I reveled in your budding beauty. I extolled the virtues of a perfect spring day in the park. You… left me dry-eyed and sneeze-free, so that I could enjoy it. Now, you show up and I spend two weeks in misery.

Was it something I did? Did I take you for granted?

Did I share you with too many people? What have I done to deserve this?!


Oh, well. Coffee calls.