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Busy, busy, busy

Okay pumpkins, This one’s gonna get random.

So, I’ve been off the grid for a while and I might be gone again in a bit.
I’m putting things together to promo the band’s new show, organize things for my Little Man’s birthday as well as the myriad of holidays approaching. December is not the best month for “me time.”
Let’s start with yesterday.

Thanksgiving was great. Lots of food, good amount of family, I made pie. It was happiness. I actually got all dressed up, as did my husband. But since no one brought a camera this year, it was to no avail. Which is a shame, ’cause me and the boys looked good. It would just figure that when you’re looking “eh” at a family gathering, everyone has a camera.
After dinner, we played board games. My family sat around talking and laughing. And we spent today just walking around Astoria, doing small errands and playing with the Boy. There was no earthly way we were stepping into a mall today.

Now, I am not one to discount (no pun intended) one’s desire to find a good deal. But people… 4 am? Stores opening at 4 am to sell things?! People getting up to arrive at the store before 4 am to buy those things?! I cannot be party to this.
I believe it is why the Good Lord created ebay.

The Icky House Club is gearing up for the next show at the Duplex.
We’ve got a great show and are ready to rock. The Next Ridiculous Thing! Dec. 16th, people!

And that’s all I can think of right now. There are more things, but it’s 2 am, kids. Mama needs a nap.