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Bad idea/ Good idea

There are some people in the world who have too much time on their hands and create havoc like the putz who did this.

And there are some people in the world who have too much time on their hands and create GENIUS!!

Just a thought.

The stupid. It burns!!

So, about five days ago, I saw this headline from an article about a Kentucky church banning interracial couples from becoming members.
“I’m sorry, what?”

So, I just read that a church conference overturned their moment of stupid. It was voided because it kinda, sorta, I don’t know violated church, state and federal by-laws. Yeah, maybe someone should have checked on that BEFORE they made themselves the laughing stock of Kentucky.

In other stupid:
Michelle Bachmann.
Sometimes, it’s just too easy.
And yes, I heard about the kid who schooled her about his mommy.
He’s not the first. No doubt, he won’t be the last. But he’s on record because I imagine (coaxed by mommy or not), he’s the youngest.

But of all the very dumb things I have seen in the past couple of days, this punk is number one with a freaking bullet.

The Muppets?!

That’s all you’ve got?!?

The Muppet movie gives their villain a name like Tex Richman and that means the entire movie is about subtle manipulation of our children?

I’m not even going to talk about how pathetic that is. I’ll try a different tack.

Now, I understand the need to call out subliminal messages that are making a concerted effort to instill an unreasonable sense of mistrust on an oil corporation.

I mean, what have oil companies ever done to hurt people, plants, animals and general eco-systems?

But to pull out that tired, Communist card on the Muppets?! That’s a new low.

Rule #1: You don’t screw with the Muppets, jack.

Rule #2: You don’t. Screw. With. THE MUPPETS!!
Eric Bolling wins this week.

Or so I thought.

To be continued…

Let’s chill!

Today is the first day in a very long time that I’ve had the chance to sit down and actually… sit. Not sit and formulate and plan and organize. Just. sit.

I’m taking a break. After the past few weeks, my show has opened, my son has had his birthday party (he’s 5!). This is my mid-holiday season rest period, my exhale. Tomorrow, the Christmas-Hanukkah preparation begins. Christmas cards, Holiday pictures, baking, decorations. I love it all, but there’s been a lot of stress in my everyday, lately. Stress, let’s just leave it at that.

Yesterday, we had my little man’s birthday party. Six boys tearing up my house, having a grand, old space-themed time!! Then I had to run out and do a show for two hours. Oh, I earned my ice cream, thank you very much.

I’ve noticed I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past 5 years. Looking at old pictures, watching old clips of my little man go from a chubby little baby to a lanky big boy and it brings tears to my eyes.
He’s my heart. And going through the stress of the holidays, I’ll take it. Because watching my boy smile and say to everyone, “Merry Christmas!” as he helps mommy frost cookies, is everything to me.