I Understand

Well, look at it this way…
Sure, Ryan Lochte got drunk with his team.

Sure, they peed on, and wrecked a local gas station bathroom.

Sure, he devised a ridiculous cover-up story to try and hide the fact that he and his crew were guilty of vandalism.

Sure, he lied to the police, blamed the citizens of Brazil (including an indirect swipe at the police), causing an international incident, rife with political distrust and tension. And then, made his mama part of his alibi. Then promptly, got on a plane and left behind his boys to clean up the mess.

But, it could have been worse.

He could have stood on a podium and NOT put his hand on his heart, during the National Anthem. 

Or, he could have been sitting in the stands watching his teammates and looking… less than enthused.

I mean, what he did was bad, but… it wasn’t Stank Face Bad.

Or, he could have been on an international stage, performing at his peak, and had his hair out of place. I mean, yeah it was blue, but it wasn’t “unruly.” That would just be nuts. He must have had a styling comb, tucked into his speedo. Made sure them edges was tight.

I mean, what he did was illegal, and disrespectful and 50 Shades of Shady to his co-thugs, I mean cohorts. But, they were just boys being boys. One can understand youthful mischief, in the face of being away from home the first time. Okay well, it’s not the first time. I mean, there was that time in 2008. And 2012. And, I imagine he’s been abroad a few times. Possibly, even some travels before his 30th birthday. But, he’s young! It’s not like he disappointed the country by not… smiling enough. Cut him a break!

He’s a boy! He’s a champion! Can’t we talk about something else? Anything else? This is SO not that important. Certainly not worth more than a day of scrutiny. Who’s going to spend any more than that, dissecting the misdeeds of an Olympian? They’re entitled to a little fun, ’cause that’s what the Olympics are all about: fun! And winning. And looking perfect. And, of course, endorsements. But, fun, of course!

He’s entitled to mess up. He’s TOTALLY entitled!

Isn’t he… entitled?

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